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Russell Rudder is a collection of nautically inspired artwork by photographer and artist Jared Russell Strouse.

Howdy. Welcome to my Russell Rudder collection of artwork inspired by a love for the beauty and power of water. The story of Russell Rudder started when I needed a place to stay for a summer. I was lucky enough to have a good friend who let me stay on his boat for a few months. I was hooked from the very first night spent onboard. Never before have I felt as connected to an environment as I did living aboard the boat. The feeling of every wave hitting the hull and the rocking motion became soothing to me. I began observing the movement and colors of the water, fascinated by the variation from one day to the next.

I've since reluctantly moved back onshore, but can safely say that I'm no longer a land lover. Unable to look at water the same way, I now find myself drawn to the water's edge, studying the water, waiting for the perfect alignment of ripple and shimmer to capture that one unique moment in time.

It's my hope to share my love for the intricate beauty created when the conditions come together to make a remarkable visual display. Hope you'll join me on my journey.

- Jared Russell Strouse

Russell Rudder Nautical Artwork Russell Rudder Nautical Artwork